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We are on of the leading company for fresh produce in Vietnam specialize for exotic tropical fresh produce such as RAMBUTAN, LONGAN, MANGO, COCONUT, PITAHAYA, DRAGON FRUIT, POMELO, PASSION FRUIT...Our Produce now have been in all around the world from EU to Middle East, from Asia to North Americas...

         Anh Duong Sao Co., Ltd is a group of young and dynamic teams specialized in agricultural business, since more than a decades.

Beginning of period 2003-2006 we was mainly doing as a farmer of tropical fruit & vegetables in Mekong southern provinces of Vietnam. In order to minimize the cost and a part of supply chain, we have become as a direct exporter for many exotics produces in 2009.

As our quality commitment, we have available certified packing house and G.A.P farms to ensure our produce will be safe and fresh. As result, we trust to supply and bring you our Fresh and Finest product directly from our farms to your table.

Anh Duong Sao Co., Ltd